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SpeakOut Training ProgramBe the speaker you've always wanted to be.

If you're afraid to speak in public, you're not alone. Public speaking ranks among the Top 10 common fears listed in surveys.

We can help. Our SpeakOut Training Program will teach you "the rules of the road" that every good speaker follows to conquer fear, develop confidence and master public speaking. You'll learn how to take command of your presentations and become the speaker—and leader—you've always wanted to be.

Five Steps to Successful Public Speaking

1. Gain Greater Confidence

We start with simple exercises designed specifically to develop your confidence (see Survey). This is especially helpful if you're anxious about public speaking or if you've learned English as a second language. We then show you how to outline your speeches for maximum effectiveness.

2. Build Stronger Stage Presence

Next, we concentrate on the physical mechanics of public speaking including maintaining eye contact, listening, and projecting vocally so that you can create rapport with your audience. We also focus on relaxation and deep-breathing techniques as well as body language to help you will feel more poised and in control when speaking, either on stage or in a conference room.

3. Enjoy Continuous Improvement

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As the SpeakOut Training Program progresses, we suggest practice exercises you can do on your own (at home, in the car, or out walking) which will improve your presentation skills so that you'll continue to grow more confident as a speaker.

4. Give More Powerful Presentations

Finally, we teach you how to enhance the power of your speeches dramatically by asking for the sale as you finish (every speech is an opportunity to urge people to take an action, no matter what it may be). Your closing becomes a personal invitation, asking those present to buy your product or support your cause. This is the most effective and potent way to end your presentations and inspire your audience.

5. Receive Expert Feedback

During the training, we'll record your practice speeches and review them together (self-improvement books and online classes lack the ability to provide feedback). These are excellent opportunities to receive expert evaluation in a supportive environment, helping you maximize your strengths and eliminate your weaknesses as you learn to enjoy giving a speech.

Training Options

Individual Training. Whether you want help in all aspects of public speaking or need assistance in a specific area, our individual training can be tailored to your needs. Our one-on-one approach offers you greater privacy, as well as personalized instruction not available in a large group.

Group Training. If you want to improve the quality of public speaking in your company, then group training is the answer. Our workshops are an ideal setting for you and your colleagues to realize your public speaking goals in a non-competitive atmosphere, relying on each other for mutual reinforcement. The SpeakOut Training Program can be customized to meet your company's needs including a choice of full or half-day sessions.

Online Training. We also offer SpeakOut individual and group training online whenever on-site training isn't possible. Our online training offers the benefits of personalized instruction without the associated travel costs. Online training also makes a wonderful rehearsal tool for busy CEOs and senior executives who are frequently on the road giving speeches. We can provide you with feedback wherever you go so that your presentation is fully polished and ready for delivery to your audience.

For more information about the SpeakOut Training Program, send an email or call 919-655-4063.

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